Increasing prices for fuel and cars and the trend towards luxurious equipment mean that owners want to park their vehicles safely and protect them against damage and theft. Vandalism, fuel theft, storm damage, such as, hail and damage by martens and cats are the most frequent causes. The vehicle is only really protected in a closed garage. COMFORT-PARKING at Düsseldorf airport offers this desirable service.

You can see how seriously we take the subject of safety from or booking form When making reservations using our homepage nobody has to give his address nor his bank details. This means that hackers cannot find out when your house or your bank account is unattended. In our opinion there are no safe data connections in the internet. This is always suggested to you when you submit personal data in the internet.

You park in a safe area which is not accessible for strangers. Furthermore our multi-storey car park is secured by a roller door. Every vehicle gets 3 metres wide parking space. 2.30 metres are usual.

Advantages of COMFORT-PARKING Airport-Auto-Service: