Can I drive my vehicle to the car park respectively parking space myself?

This is not possible because we do not operate a shuttle bus service to transport you to the departure terminal and back, instead, as can be seen in our homepage, we pick up every vehicle at the departure terminal and one of our service representatives transfer it to the car park.



What happens if, during my return journey I unexpectedly land at another airport do not arrive at Düsseldorf airport until 2:00 a.m. and would like to have my vehicle?

In this case you should inform us immediately. If you are only given the information during the return flight, then phone us directly after landing. Thus no delays in the return of vehicle can arise. The telephone number is on the rear side of your parking ticket that you were when the vehicle was handed over.

What must I do if it is certain that my return flight details will be changed?

Just call our service representative and inform him if the new flight details. You will be given the telephone number with the reservation confirmation.

If my holiday ends earlier than stated, do I still have to pay the complete parking fees for the parking period reserved?

Unfortunately we must charge you the parking fees for the complete period, because we cannot occupy the free parking space at short notice.

Is the service fee valid for the transfer and return of my vehicle and when and how is it paid?

The service fee is only charged once. For transfer and return a total of € 15.--. The parking fee and the service fee are paid in cash to our service representative at Düsseldorf airport when the vehicle is returned. We unfortunately cannot accept credit cards for processing reasons.

How far away from Düsseldorf airport is comfortPARKING’s multi-storey car park.

Our parking capacities are located in the immediate vicinity of the airport on the one hand, and within a radius of approx. 3.75 km on the other (Kalkumer Str. and Kieshecker Weg in Düsseldorf and Stendaler Str. in Ratingen). Depending on availability, operational procedures and parking duration, your vehicle can be driven up to a distance of approx. 6 km (one way). To avoid longer waiting times and in the interest of a better operational flow, your vehicle will be made available near the airport before your return flight. As a result, your vehicle can be moved several times.