Our location in Google Maps:

How to get here

Leave the A44 at the exit Düsseldorf-Flughafen/Lichtenbroich.
Caution: There are continuously radar controls on the A44 in both directions!
Now just follow the signs. You will automatically arrive at the departure terminal (see upper red photo marker).
At the departure terminal always stop in the right lane. This is for the unloading and loading of vehicles. This area is available in front of the departure terminal A, B and C.


Every entrance area has a white number on the right on the glass door. Please notify our service representative of this number and your name. You will be given the service telephone number for this on the booking confirmation.
Our service representative will be with in about 5 minutes and will take over your vehicle.


The vehicle return will also take place at the departure terminal. When you have collected all your luggage, inform our service representative of the desired vehicle return using our service telephone number.